Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lawmakers will tackle college transfer "nightmare"

The chairman of the Senate Education Committee wants the state's higher education boards to resolve the turf wars that make it difficult for students to transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions.

Sen. Ben Nevers (D-Bogalusa) says he wants a resolution within two years, and will introduce legislation to that effect when lawmakers return to Baton Rouge in April.

In this article by Advocate reporter Jordan Blum, students describe the "nightmare" that comes when they try to transfer credits from community colleges to the traditional four-year schools.

Right now there is no standard set of guidelines that lets students know which courses will count toward a bachelor's degree when they transfer. One of the goals is "common course numbering." Identical courses would have the same numbers in all colleges. Another goal would guarantee that community college students could transfer to a four-year college as long as they follow the correct track.

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