Sunday, March 8, 2009

Details emerging on school board overhaul

The political world was disappointed on Friday, when Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek failed to reveal the details of his plans to overhaul state school boards.

But a shortened speech doesn't stop a determined reporter. Today, Advocate reporter Will Sentell has some details about the proposals, one of the legislators who plan to introduce them, and a couple of the powerful interests backing them.

As for the details, Sentell writes,

Aside from redefining board authority, the package would also:

  • Limit board pay to a maximum of $200 per month for rank-and-file members,
    down from $800 now.
  • Limit the service of local members to 12 years. There is no cap now.
  • Toughen nepotism laws.

The author is State Rep. Steve Carter (R-Baton Rouge), and the interests backing the bills are the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and the Council for a Better Louisiana.

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