Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dems say Jindal cheats education

The Louisiana Democratic Party has posted a succinct overview of Gov. Bobby Jindal's education budget.

The same guy who told a crowd at one of his numerous out-of-state fundraisers that, "The left hasn’t had a new idea on education since the invention of the chalkboard,” has a bold idea that shortchanges higher education:

And what is Gov. Jindal’s new idea for Louisiana education? Cutting $219
million from Louisiana’s colleges and universities. While Governors Mike Foster
and Kathleen Blanco made higher education a priority for moving Louisiana
forward, Gov. Jindal will be the first Louisiana governor in more than a decade
to make severe cuts to education. University presidents and faculty across
Louisiana have warned that Gov. Jindal’s budget cuts would have a crippling
effect on higher education.

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