Sunday, March 8, 2009

Governmental ethics, Louisiana style

In the bad old days, Louisiana lawmakers could accept some gifts from lobbyists, including tickets to big events. But this is a new day of ethical reform in Louisiana, and Gov. Bobby Jindal put a stop to the free tickets thing.

Free tickets are the sort of perk that can influence the way a legislator votes,and that is unethical.

But it is not unethical for the governor of the state to somehow wind up with bunches of tickets to big, important events like the new Britney Spears concert. And it's not unethical for the governor to give those tickets to legislators, or for the lawmakers to accept them.

And we know the governor will never, ever remind lawmakers about those free tickets when the vote is close on an issue that is important to him.

That's what passes for ethics reform in Louisiana.

(From today's Politics column in The Advocate.)

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