Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tell BESE to protect public education for all children!

On January 16, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will vote on allowing school districts to choose poorly and continue the push to privatize public education in Louisiana. 

BESE will consider another in a series of radical assaults on our schools and the teaching profession. It's time to say NO!

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Proposed changes to Bulletin 741, the Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, will:
  • Eliminate requirements for school counselors and librarians
  • Allow students to earn Carnegie units without attending class
  • Encourage school districts to privatize even more public education services.
Superintendent White’s proposed changes are so far-reaching and numerous that BESE members voted to delay action on the proposal last November. Now members are under heavy pressure by the Jindal administration to approve changes that will harm students, minimize teachers and diminish accountability in our schools.

The changes are touted as ways to enhance flexibility by local school districts. The truth is that they serve to mask the damage done by the continued underfunding of our schools.

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