Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Senate joins House, capitulates to Jindal

Times-Picayune reporter Bill Barrow was on the scene last night when the Senate joined the House of Representatives in surrendering its lawmaking authority to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Since the "Red Tape Reduction and Local Waiver Empowerment Program" was greatly desired by Gov. Bobby Jindal, it always had a strong chance of passing - another example of the power wielded by the Louisiana governor's office.

But just because the governor want it, does not mean it is good law. And HB 1368 by Rep. Jane Smith (R-Bossier City) is very bad law.

This is the first instance in which the Louisiana Legislature actually punted its lawmaking authority to a policy-making board, in this case the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

And because three of the 11 BESE members are appointed by the governor, the executive branch will gain even more leverage over public education in the state.

LFT strongly opposed the bill, with members of the Federation's Action Center sending some 30,000 messages of opposition to lawmakers. For more of the Federation's reaction to the vote, please click here.

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