Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anti-teacher column unfair, unwarranted and untrue

When the Houma Courier published a guest column from the far-right Lexington Institute that accused teacher unions of engaging in "pitched battles" to "keep public schools safe for mediocrity," LFT President Steve Monaghan had to respond.

In his own letter to the newspaper, Monaghan asserted that, "More than anyone else, teachers want their students to succdeed."

The attack by the Lexington Institute was "unfair, unwarranted and, most of all, untrue," Monaghan wrote.

The Lexington Institute is just one of many well-funded think tanks from which issue an endless stream of diatribes against the notion of the public good. Privatization of public services is their goal, and public schools are squarely in their sights.

The original column is here; Monaghan's response is here.

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