Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is the Jindal budget more harmful than the BP spill?

Gambit publisher and WWL-TV analyst Clancy DuBos poses a disturbing question: What's more harmful to Louisiana's culture, the BP oil spill or the just-adopted state budget pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal?

DuBos makes a really good case for Jindal. The state's bare-bones budget, he writes, "does more long-term damage to 'culture' across Louisiana than the BP disaster."

From higher education cuts to local arts programs, Dubos says, the governor's stance makes way for culture and the arts to "become collateral damage in his budget wars."

Dubos concludes, "...the next time you see Jindal railing against the feds and BP about the destruction of our culture, remember that he's one of the biggest destroyers of all.

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