Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pastorek creates six new high-paid jobs

Apparently not satisfied that his own $400,000+ salary package doesn't tip the education pay scale far enough in the direction of the top bureaucrats, State Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek wants to create a whole handful of new department bigwigs.

According to this article by Advocate reporter Marsha Shuler, it's all part of Pastorek's plan to bring Louisiana a "world class" education system.

The six news jobs would be unclassified, meaning that the employees would serve strictly at the pleasure of the superintendent. Pastorek plans to hire three"national experts" at salaries of up to $140,00 each, and three consultants at up to $80,00 each.

These employees will be in addition to the 14 unclassified positions already created by Pastorek - five of them have salaries over $100,000, Shuler reports.

Creation of the positions was approved by the State Civil Service Commission, whose members are appinted by the governor.

As Superintendent Pastorek and Governor Bobby Jindal like to point out when they disburse exorbitant salaries to their at-will employees, you have to pay top dollar to get the best talent.

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