Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indy says Jindal should "stick his neck out a little"

Endorsing the LFT call for Governor Bobby Jindal to intervene in the Paul Pastorek squabble, the Lafayette Independent says it's time for Jindal to "stick his neck out a little" and act a referee's role.

Columnist Walter Pierce says that Jindal's refusal to get involved - even though he supports Pastorek's agenda as state superintendent of education - calls the governor's leadership into question:

But it leaves one to wonder: When are we going to see the aggressive,
gifted Bobby Jindal who was given a mandate by voters? Can he do it? Can he
actually advance Louisiana, make it a better place to live, a place where our
children want to live? His predecessors — Republican and Democrat alike — have
come and gone with little effect on our bottom-dwelling status.

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