Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tell the House Appropriations Committe: Don't cut education!

What is at stake?
  • $219 million to colleges and universities
  • Almost $200 million in total cuts to elementary and secondary education
The House Appropriations Committee is the first stop for Governor Bobby Jindal's proposed state budget. If we want to make education the state's top priority, this is where we must start.

We believe the governor made very unfortunate choices when he wrote his budget.

The governor wants to spend more money on vouchers for religious schools, more money for consultants and contractors, and more money for a new accountability system. But his proposed cuts to public education are disastrous.

His $219 million cut to higher education will slash important programs in every college, university, community college and technical school in the state. The permanent damage these cuts will cause to the economic development of the state is incalculable.

The governor also plans deep cuts that will affect teachers, school employees and the students we serve in elementary and secondary schools. Money for professional development, instructional programs and some salary supplements will disappear.

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