Friday, April 3, 2009

No takeover required- Delhi turns it around

A year ago, Delhi High School was on the verge of a state takeover. This year, all of the school's seniors passed the high-stakes exam and are on target to graduate. This turnaround was accomplished without the state taking over the school or making it a charter school.

As Monroe News-Star reporter Barbara Leader writes here, credit goes to the dedicated faculty and staff of the school, smart parish administrators, and to the students who decided not to let the "academically unacceptable" label stick.

One big difference? Resources were poured into the school.

Another big difference? The entire community wanted the school to succeed and prosper.

A lesson to be learned? Schools do not exist outside and apart from their communities. With proper resources and community involvement, any school can succeed. You don't need to spend millions on consultants to understand that. Put the money into the schools and their communities.

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