Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lynette Thomas is AFT’s PSRP Everyday Hero!

AFT Everyday Hero
Lynette Thomas
Thanks to the strong support of her Louisiana brothers and sisters, Lynette Thomas was voted the American Federation of Teachers’ Everyday Hero among Paraprofessionals and School Related Personnel. Lynette, who is the food service manager at St. Martinville Primary School in St. Martin Parish, will be the AFT’s guest at the union’s upcoming national convention in Detroit.

The AFT Everyday Heroes election takes place annually to recognize the extra efforts that teachers and school employees make to improve their communities. Heroes are elected from categories that include classroom teachers, PSRPs, higher education, public employees and healthcare workers. Winners are determined by an online vote.

Here is the inspiring story that won Lynette Thomas the AFT Everyday Hero award:

In her day job for the past seven years at St. Martinville Primary School, Lynette serves healthy meals with a heaping side of confidence. She hosts a celebration every month for all the birthday kids, who sit at their own table in the middle of the cafeteria and are feted with cupcakes, ice cream and presents. For some children in St. Martin Parish, this is their only birthday party.

Every Halloween, Thomas and her team of six food service workers create a haunted house in the gym, with treats for all. Up the road at her hometown of Parks, where "kids can't go trick-or-treating like they used to," Thomas puts on a Halloween extravaganza, closing off two blocks, manning a table with neighbors who give out candy and balloons to the younger set, and enlisting high schoolers to create a scary graveyard and haunted house for the older ones. Hundreds come every year for "Trick or Treat on Simon Street."

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