Monday, February 13, 2012

Tell lawmakers: Don't commit to an education agenda that hasn't even been written yet!

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The legislative session won't begin for another month, but Gov. Bobby Jindal is already pressuring lawmakers to unquestioningly support his agenda for public education.

The governor is asking for commitments to his plan even though legislators have not seen the bills he intends to introduce.

Judging from his speeches, the governor’s education plan will

  • Destroy the teacher salary schedule

  • Endanger tenure and due process rights

  • Radically expand vouchers for private and religious schools

  • Impose even more state control of local school districts
Please send a message to your senator and representative. Our message simply asks lawmakers not to commit to the governor’s agenda until each of his plans has a chance to be debated openly, transparently and on its merits.

After all, that’s the reason we have a legislative session. If all of the real decisions are made under pressure and behind closed doors, our leaders have failed us.

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