Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Better Choices launches petition drive

The Better Choices for a Better Louisiana coalition was created with a simple guiding principle: that a prosperous future for Louisiana requires a transparent and balanced approach to budgeting that includes responsible revenue measures alongside common-sense savings.

Governor Bobby Jindal has launched an aggressive attempt to privatize state services such as health care, prisons and schools, shift cost and financial risk to state workers and give even more tax breaks to large corporations. But there are better choices available, and we need your help to remind legislators of his by signing the attached online petition.

The BCBL coalition is urging legislators to not make wholesale commitments, sight unseen, to the governor's agenda. Legislators should instead demand transparency, accountability, and detailed, measurable outcomes.

There are better choices for creating jobs, improving health care and public safety, building better schools and infrastructure to create a more prosperous future for Louisiana. And it starts by letting your voice be heard.

Please sign the online petition today in support of Louisiana’s future.

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