Monday, January 30, 2012

Tell Gov. Jindal that he's wrong about teachers and our schools!

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This year, Governor Bobby Jindal released his plans for an education agenda that will:

  • Destroy the teacher salary schedule

  • Endanger tenure and due process rights

  • Radically expand vouchers for private and religious schools

  • Impose even more state control over local school districts
The governor’s overreaching, dangerous agenda threatens our students, our schools and our profession.

We must have the courage to oppose the governor’s radical agenda, and the wisdom and leadership to provide common-sense alternatives to his destructive schemes.

It’s time for action! Take the first step and sign the LFT petition asking Governor Jindal to tone down the rhetoric. Ask him to work with us and build public schools that empower educators, provide the resources that our children deserve, and provide unlimited opportunities for the future.

Please click here to sign the petition

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