Thursday, January 8, 2009

Governor announces dropout prevention pilot

Governor Bobby Jindal is exploring a program that will help reduce the school dropout rate by providing job training and internships for students who are struggling in school. He announced the plan at a meeting of business and industry executives, as Robert Travis Scott of the Times-Picayune reports here.

A big question that will play out over the coming months: How will this pilot program square with the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's contention that the way to curb dropouts is to make the high school curriculum more academically rigorous?

The comments that follow the article are also worth reading.

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Teacher Too said...

TeacherToo wrote:
There is a guy named Louis Pugliese running for the Los Angeles school board who seems to "get it" on a lot of issues-especially dropouts. His video song is very clever and to the point- check it out at

Pass this on to your friends- maybe we can help him out.