Friday, November 12, 2010

Tell Gov. Jindal that you are outraged at the EduJobs fund diversion!

Click here to send Gov. Jindal a message!

Gov. Jindal has decided to divert $147 million from the purpose Congress intended: saving the jobs of teachers and school employees.

Instead, the governor wants to use half of the money for higher education, and half to plug next year’s general fund budget hole.

It is shameful that the governor is pitting education communities against each other, instead of adequately funding all of education, from kindergarten through college.

Please click here to tell Gov. Jindal that you expect him to make better choices for the people of Louisiana!

(On the Action Center page, just enter your ZIP code to access the message to Gov. Jindal. If you live outside of Louisiana, please enter the ZIP code for your school district or another valid Louisiana ZIP code.)

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