Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do UNO students protest budget cuts in vain?

For a moment there, it looked like the 1960s all over again - protesting students disrupted a campus and fought with police. But it wasn't over a war or civil rights that University of New Orleans students took to the barricades last week. It was over budget cuts that threaten to decimate the university and devalue their educations.

As Times-Picayune reporter John Pope writes here, the students protested the fact that the school's budget has been cut by $14.5 million since 2009, and that more budget cuts are on the way - Governor Jindal's commissioner of administration has asked state agencies to prepare budgets with another 35% worth of cuts.

The students' concern about their educational future may be in vain, as Associated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte writes in this column.

"But those students probably need to brace for the reality that appears to be slowly sinking in with the higher education community," writes Deslatte. "Protests or not, the cuts are coming, and Jindal and Louisiana's legislators don't seem to have any plans to stop them."

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