Friday, February 26, 2010

Advocate editorial gets it right

Today's lead editorial in The Advocate takes Governor Bobby Jindal and Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek to task for their outrageous comments about the $5,000 stipend for nationally certified educators:

We’re disheartened by the news that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed budget calls for the elimination of
$5,000-per-year stipends for public-school teachers who have earned national
board certification.
We also are disappointed that state Superintendent
of Education Paul Pastorek, who previously championed the value of
national board certification, is backing away from his support.

The editorial makes note of Pastorek's hypocrisy. This week, Pastorek dismissed the value of national certification, but just last December he praised the certification as something that "will clearly benefit them and their students."

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