Friday, September 18, 2009

Monaghan defends public education at luncheon

LFT President Steve Monaghan, at lectern, represented public education on a panel for the Baton Rouge League of Women Voters. Other panelists spoke on behalf of parents, school boards, charter, private and religious schools.

LFT President Steve Monaghan defended public education as vital to the future of America at a recent meeting of the Baton Rouge League of Women Voters.

“If we want to save democracy in our country, we need to pay attention to where 88 percent of the children in our country get their education,” he said, “and that’s in public schools."

Sitting on a panel that represented the gamut of education choices from religious schools to home schooling, Monaghan said that public school is the only choice in which “every child is welcome, every child is received, and every child deserves the best education possible.”

Speaking after an advocate for religious school vouchers, Monaghan said studies show that children who attend private or religious schools on vouchers are not more successful than their public school peers.

“The private schools that accept voucher students are not the exclusive, expensive schools in the popular imagination,” he said. “They are schools on par with the public schools they compete against.”

“We all have choices about where we want our children to be educated,” Monaghan said. “The issue is who pays for the choice.

“We do not believe the public should pay for private school choice,” he said.
Advocate reporter Charles Lussiere covered the League luncheon for this story.

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