Thursday, July 23, 2009

Voucher schemers fill Jindal's kitty

Want to know how the education strings get pulled in the Bobby Jindal administration? Advocate reporter Marsha Shuler has the goods in this story about the pile of money that's been collected to advance his program.

About one-fourth of the $1.05 million raised for "Believe in Louisiana," a non-profit organization formed to shill for the governor's agenda, was donated by a school voucher outfit from Washington, D.C. called Advocates for School Choice. Coincidentally(?) the contribution was made just as Jindal's voucher scheme was being considered in the 2008 session.

Another $100,000 came from failed Senate candidate (and voucher supporter) Lee Domingue, who was endorsed by Jindal in his ill-fated run against Dan Claitor. Houston millionaire Bob J. Perry, identified in the article as "the chief financial backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth challenging Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s military record" also kicked in.

And the mastermind behind the "Believe in Louisiana" fund? None other than Baton Rouge Business Report publisher and voucher supporter Rolfe McCollister, recently featured in EdLog as the hatchet man behind the campaign to discredit Board of Elementary and Secondary Education member Tammie McDaniel of Monroe.

It will be no surprise when voucher schemes pop up in future legislative sessions, with mega advertising budgets paid for by "Believe in Louisiana."

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